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  • If you want to get more information, write to: / Please contact us in order to schedule a placement test, and to inform you if the course you need will be open the month you are interested in registering.
  • In order for a course to be open, a minimum of four students is required. Therefore, we strongly suggest you not to pay the course until you have received confirmation that the course you need will be open.
  • The placement test, which has a cost of 10 dollars, is essential in order to know in which course you need to register. Once you have paid, we will schedule a specific date for you to take your test. If you are going to register level A1, you do not have to take the placement test.
  • The placement test consists of an interview and a written part. You do not receive a grade for this test, but rather we decide which course suits your Spanish interests better. In order to do the interview, you need an appointment. The test can be done in person or through Skype. You may have to wait around one week from the moment you pay to the day you do the placement test. If you cannot wait for your appointment, please do not pay the placement test.
  • We only refund money in the following conditions:
    • If we had already confirmed you that your course would be to open during one specific month, but after all, we were not able to keep it open.
    • If the student starts facing medical difficulties that prevent him/her from attending to regular classes.

     Refund of money takes from 6 to 8 weeks and we cannot return the percentage that is paid to Fundación UCR or to the Government with IVA.

  • Classes start according to our calendar 2020-2021.
  • You can pay both the test and the course in one of the following ways: